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Few companies offer Raised Floors in California. Only Partition Specialties installs all the various styles of Tate Raised Floors to meet an architects imagination when designing offices. When designing a room with a raised floor you can make any interior room environment pleasing by giving it a new dimension. Tate offers different floor tiles that include fabric floor tiles match most interior decors. If a company has severe elevation changes then a Tate Raised Flooring can correct that problem. Partition Specialties can help any architect, designer by installing all the different Tate access floors for different types of buildings including: Office complexes, data centers, industrial buildings, school gymnasiums, data clean rooms, educational buildings, and commercial buildings. What makes a Tate floor system unique is the air diffusers that can be installed for better air flow and cleaner air circulation. Architects and builders can now improve their environment with an access floor program that includes Tate Floor Tiles, so take a look at the Tate flooring program-- Building Technology Platform (BTP). Designers and building contractors can now add value to properties, office buildings by selecting the BTP because it makes all environments workable. There are hundreds of different floor tiles to meet any environment to give it that finished and unique look. You can easily change a room configuration. When you add air diffusers, it will keep the air fresh all day long making the work environment more enjoyable for employees.

Your staff can now move furniture to be rearranged and walls moved to change the office space appearance, and for productivity. This is true for classrooms, or data centers. These are easy to do and not costly.

As a designer, or contractor when you specify Tate Access Floors to level uneven floors, or to access cables and wiring, it will eliminate costly pre-wired areas. That helps to move around furniture to provide individual temperature control and best of all to save on energy and cooling consumption.

Contact Partition Specialties for any of the Tate access floors and products. All of the PSI installed Tate floorings come in a wide range of interchangeable floor panels giving an interior decors that special look. PSI installs Tate products in all of California, as well as parts of Nevada, and now in Hawaii. If you want a complete interior working system, let PSI give you ideas with interior products like SkyFold Ceiling Wall, moveable partitions, moveable walls, glass walls, to mention a few.

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